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We are the members of the Democratic Club of Moreno Valley. A Democratic Organization dedicated to helping the Moreno Valley and surrounding areas to prosper and become great places to raise a family in Riverside County.

Contact Us

Mailing Address: Democratic Club of Moreno Valley 24460 Electra Ct. Moreno Valley, CA 92551 Meeting Address: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our meetings respect social distancing guidelines. All meetings are now conducted via video conference. Zoom Meeting Access: Please leave a reply message or send us an email to obtain the most recent Zoom meeting …

Welcome Message, Mission Statement, Our Values

Welcome Message   Our Club meetings are open to all Democrats and we invite you to attend and lend us your views on the issues affecting our community. Mission Statement   The Democratic Club of Moreno Valley, under charter from the Riverside County Democratic Central Committee, is committed to preserving and fostering the Democratic Party’s principles and …

What We Do

Democracy Matters   Our country was founded on the principles of a Representative Democracy where the citizens eligible to vote would get together from time to time to elect the Representatives who would then go to a certain place to from a congress and conduct the business of the government for the people. The framers wrote …

2021 Officers

President – Nina Hiers Vice President – Stanley King Recording Secretary – Ruthee Goldkorn Corresponding Secretary – Open Treasurer – Radene Hiers Website and Social Media Content Managers – Nina, “theGre8t” & Keri “ForMoVal”

Club Service Area

We welcome all Democrats and interested party’s to our meetings. You can order our swag at our Zazzle https://www.zazzle.com/store/dem_club_of_moval


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Club History

“THE” Democratic Club of Moreno Valley has been annually chartered since 1992 by the Riverside County Democratic Party (RCDP) and the California Democratic Party (CDP).  We welcome all Democrats to join our Club and attend our monthly meetings.

Democratic Party History

  At the start of the 21st Century, the Democratic Party can look back on a proud history, a history not just of a political organization but of a national vision. It is a vision based on the strength and power of millions of economically empowered, socially diverse and politically active Americans. Over two hundred …


    • Rose PATTERSON on August 30, 2019 at 7:55 pm
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    Are the meetings still current?

    1. No, there hasn’t been anyone updating the website for various reasons. Our next meeting is scheduled to be held on October 2, 2019 at the Roundtable restaurant in the Stonegate shopping plaza. That’s off of Eucalyptus and Nason. The meeting location may change however. I’m working with the Club to get the page updated with current information.

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